The Apollo Project: Solar Power at St John’s College

The Apollo Project: Solar Power at St John’s College

You may have heard about the 2019 Feed-in Tariff (FiT) Scheme: HK Electric is buying back consumers’ productions of solar power for 15 years at HK$4 per kilowatt, while consumers are paying $1.2.
To support solar power and the protection of our environment, St John’s Council had decided to install solar panels on our roofs.

The first phase will be 104 panels on our roof of Wong Chik Ting Hall (The Postgraduate Wing): $0.71M for installing the 104 panels AND $0.63M for necessary waterproofing works with a total cost of HK$1.34M
Proposed Funding Sources:

Donations received so far $0.18M 18 panels @ HK$ 10,000 each
SJCAA is raising funds for $0.86M 86 panels *

College maintenance fund $0.30M about 50% waterproofing costs
Maintenance services for 20 years would cost $4,000 per year excluding parts. The tariff revenue receivable from HK Electric is estimated to be $0.14M in the first year. These revenues will be used to provide scholarships to good potential students who could not afford an accommodation in St John’s: and to support Eco St. John’s projects.

We appeal for your donations *Diamond Sponsor – HKD88,000 for 10 solar panels; Platinum Sponsor – HKD38,000 for 4 solar panels; Gold Sponsor – HKD10,000 for 1 solar panel @ $10,000 per panel. This will be a rewarding project, as the funds donated will be regenerated by solar power to help needy students continuously.

Waterproofing works had already started on the roof. All the 104 solar panels will be completed before the end of the year. All donors will be gratefully acknowledged by an inscription at the entrance lobby of the Postgraduate Wing. This first phase of fund raising will end on 31st October 2019.
Please fill in the eform below or use the attached donation form:…/1FAIpQLSf6zW2tKU2LJs…/viewform

For any enquiries, please contact Ms. Doris TSANG at 2817 7102 or by email:
St. John’s Foundation