Stand by me, Aquila

Stand by me, Aquila – Mar/Apr 2022

In view of the Covid 19 situation and the increasing infection of students and staff in the College, the Alumni Association has started a campaign know as Stand by me, Aquila.

Through the informal network of our floor alumni, SJCAA has been successful mobilised the support from many alumni to provide both monetary and also materials/resources support to the College and its students during this difficult time.

A total HKD85,888 was raised from the donations of Sixth Floor and Fifth Floor alumni. And then nearly 200 thousand of materials were donated by various alumni and SJCAA to the College to support our students and staff to overcome the impact of Covid 19.

RAT kits, cleaning of the College, antiseptic spray, foods, Oximeters and even medicine were purchased or donated to the College between March and April.

All the materials have successful helped the students and the College a lot during this pandemic period.