St. John’s Open Day + Chairmen Nite 2023

St. John’s Open Day 2023: A Celebration of Memories & Unity (3 June Saturday)
? Join us in reliving the joy and excitement of St. John’s Open Day 2023, held on June 3rd! After three long years of COVID restrictions, we finally had the opportunity to come together and create new memories while reconnecting with old friends.
? The day was filled with laughter as children from our alumni community enjoyed the bouncy castle.
? We were also privileged to host the Elaine Chiu Art Exhibition, which was attended by numerous alumni and students alike, showcasing our community’s passion for the arts.
? The SJCAA celebrated our 111th Anniversary by introducing 9 new souvenirs, which were available for purchase during the souvenir sale. Get yours to keep the memory alive!
? Live band performances filled the air with music, as our talented alumni and students entertained the crowd.
? Hall tours allowed visitors to explore our prestigious campus and learn about our rich history.
✨ The highlight of the Open Day was the Chairmen Night, a special evening gathering 36 Chairmen, Internal Vice Chairmen, and External Vice Chairmen from both the Students Association and the Postgrad Students’ Association. This event solidified our unity and fostered new friendships.
? This video captures the essence of the entire Open Day and the memorable Chairmen Night. Sit back and enjoy a glimpse of the unforgettable moments we shared together.

Watch the highlight video of the day: