St. John’s Foundation Established

St. John’s College Alumni Foundation


 For St. John’s College future infrastructure development.
 To promote charitable activities;
 To promote education, teaching and learning.
 To assist St. John’s College future development

Steering Committee

 Composition: President of SJCAA, 4 members nominated by SJCAA, 2 members nominated by St. John’s College, 2 non voting members nominated by SJC SA;
 Meet every quarter; terms of office 2 years;
 To approve funding, initiate new projects and subcommittee.

Sources of funds

 Fund raising activities by SJCAA
 Surplus of designated events/functions of SJCAA
 Donations from Alumni and other organizations

First initiative – budget to be approved by Committee
– Eco St. John’s
– To make St. John’s College and the residents more environmental friendly, so that when they graduate, they will have a ripple effect in the society;
– Benchmark of existing situation, workshops with students and staff;
– Installation of recycle bins, solar cells, recycle of used water, plastic bottle collecting machines…etc. (kick-off by Foundation, future maintenance by College);
– Alumni and experts involvement e.g. Friends of the Earth HK

Other initiatives
– Support needy students
– Support overseas study trips
– Support young alumni entrepreneurship