Squid Game 2022

Squid Game 17 July 2022

36 Alumni joined the Squid Fishing trip in Sai Kung on Sunday, 17th July 2022.

We departed in the late afternoon from the public pier in Sai Kung. Our first program was to Kiu Tsui Island to have a walk along the tombolo during low tide. Some alumni even made the trip to the top of the small hill at the end of the tombolo. We had a great time in the island and enjoyed the sunset view in Sai Kung.

Then we headed to the squid fishing area and start our Squid Game. We divided the Alumni in the 4 small groups and competed against each other for the Squid Fishing.

After 1 and a half of fishing, we still did not catch any squid. It might be due to the season (late July). However, we all had a great time of boat excursion in the beautiful Sai Kung.