SJCAA FIFA Quartet電競四重彩

In order to encourage more participants and viewers for our semi-final and final matches, SJCAA has also organised a FIFA Quartet for the semi-finals and final.

Please go the eForm below to enter our FIFA Quartet (電競四重彩):

The Winner of our Quartet will get a Free 2021 FIFA Gaming License, a brand new FILA Travel Bag (HKD1000) and ABC Cash HKD200.*

You need to make the right bets as who are the 2 finalists as well as the champion player, then also the scores in the champ fight! Prizes will all be awarded to the winners who can predict correctly all the 4 results. If there is a draw. the person who submit their bets EARLY will win – based on the stamp chop of the eForm. SJCAA will reserve the right of the final decision of quartet awards.

Don’t forget to go to our Facebook Page on this Sunday night 9 pm and watch the FIFA Semi-finals and Final at 9 pm!

SJCAA is still encouraging suitable social distancing, we will continue to provide more programs online before we could really overcome the COVID 19. Thank you so much for your support.

Stay in touch, stay in good health….and hope to see you this Sunday 9 pm in our “soccer game” champ fight!