SJCAA FIFA Gaming – Semi-finals and Finals

This coming Sunday 2 May 9:00 pm

After one month of keen competitions, we are now coming to the semi-final and final day of the 1st SJCAA Inter-floor FIFA Gaming Competition

4 players, 2 from current students and 2 from Alumni have successfully entered the semi-finals.
Ronald Sin (5/F Alumnus),
Leung Tsz Chun (3/F Alumnus),
Issac McGirr (1/F Current), and
Suyash Lohia (5/F Current).

They will be competing with each other on 2 May starting from 9 pm.

SJCAA will do LIVE BROADCAST of the 3 matches on Facebook via live streaming.

Please login our FACEBOOK page to watch them.

In addition, please do not forget to play the FIFA Quartet and win HKD1500 souvenirs. For details please visit our Facebook or refer to the previous postings in our web site.

Hope to see you on the coming matches.

Stay in touch and stay healthy.