New Flying with Eagles Episodes Released (total 30)

New Flying with Eagles Episodes Released – Celebrating St. John’s College 111th Anniversary
Dear St. Johnians,
We’re excited to announce the release of 9 new episodes of our Flying with Eagles series, making it a total of 30 episodes (our target is to interview 111 alumni) celebrating St. John’s College 111th Anniversary!
In these latest episodes, we have included 2 special series:
1. Interviews with 3 talented undergraduates
2. A father and son series
Don’t miss out on these inspiring stories! Check out the summary of all 30 episodes and watch them on our unlisted YouTube channel:
On the other hand we’ve also attached a brand-new poster for you to share with your fellow alumni and friends, inviting them to join Grand Reunion Dinner at HKCEC on November 18th 2023 (the One & Only One), and stay tuned for more news on special guests and souvenirs. If you have not secured a seat yet, book now!
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Episode Title
30 Dr. David Macri – Historian and Author of the Legacy from the Hill
29 Father & Son Part 2: Stephen Lee (68-70) & Gabriel Lee (98-01)
28 Father & Son Part 1: Stephen Lee (68-70) & Gabriel Lee (98-01)
27 Ms. Mabel Leung – from Publishing to Psychological Counselling
26 Dr. Tony Ip – Founder of Tony Ip Green Architects, 4F 1995-1998
25 Mr. Yankov Wong – a Contemporary Storyteller, director, photographer
24 Mr. Kim Joon Sung – First international chairperson of SJCSA
23 Ms. Yap En Yu – A Malaysian who picks up Cantonese after coming to SJC
22 Ms. Hanna Vanharanta – a 221K followers KOL
21 Ms. Elaine Chiu – Young artist, Forbes 30 Under 30 Arts Award
20 Ms. Fonnie Wong – the Story of Wong Chik Ting Hall
19 Mr. Jason Yip – from ICRC to CEO of MWYO
18 Mr. Oscar Lee – Head of Public Affairs at i-Cable Communications Ltd
17 Mr. Weber Lo – CEO of Hang Lung Properties
16 Mr. Fung Yee Wang – 57-60, 7F, Winning 1st Malayan Cup for SJC
15 Mr. Paul Lee – Assistant Master of St. John’s College
14 Mr. Peter Wing-Leung Lai – Financial Commentator
13 Mr. Johnny Lau – Chief Aviation Consultant PWC
12 Mr. Sammy Chan – Chairman of 65 – Residing in Toronto over 30 years
11 Ms. Christine Yeung – CEO of UOB, Board Member of M+ Museum
10 Mr. Albert Wong – CEO of HK Science and Technology Parks
9 Dr. Eric Chong – Ex-Master of St. John’s College
8 Dr. K C Wong – Master of St. John’s College
7 Mr. Antonion Cheung – CEO of SquareDog Robotics
6 Mr. Rimsky Yuen – Ex-Secretary for Justice of HKSAR
5 Mr. Felix Kwok Tung Kit – Auctioneer in Sotheby
4 Ms. Carmen Poon – the Queen of Miniatures
3 Mr. Alan Cheung – Young Industrialist of Hong Kong
2 Prof. Frederick Ho Wing Huen – Ex-Commissioner (Census & Statistics Dept)
1 Mr. Eliza Chang – from English Channel to Loch Ness