Mentorship Program Feedbacks

Feedbacks for the Mentorship Program 2020-21

LAW Group

“SJC mentorship program was definitely one of the best experiences I had in SJC. The discussions with the mentors really helped broaden my vision about career paths and taught me a lot about the legal field in HK. Also, being in the same group as other SJC students interested in the same field as me was very enriching. I learned a lot from the meetings and discussions we had. I am also very grateful to my mentors and for their guidance. I was able to get a winter internship thanks to them, and I even now get to work part time with the firm. This would have never been possible without the help of my mentors. As an international student in HK, the mentorship program was a great opportunity to know more about HK work life. I strongly advise future 1ns to register, especially 3rd and 4th year students!”
(Ines, Sciences Po-HKU dual degree)

“Despite challenges posed by the coronavirus pandemic, our group still managed to catch up with our mentor, Wood, for hotpot dinner. Although the gathering was brief, Wood very generously shared with us his experiences as a legislative councillor and pastor, which were all very inspiring and eye-opening.”
(Natalie, Law III)

Dental Group

Initially, joining mentorship is a spontaneous decision I made with friends but the insight that I gained is certainly long-lasting. During the first gathering with mentors, our group had so much fun sharing about the moments as a dentistry student and as a part of St. John’s family. It is actually shocking to hear about the changes and things that remain the same in these 40 years. More importantly, from the personal experiences of our mentors, we gained practical advice on dental treatment that should not be overlooked in the workplace. They gave us precious insight for our future dental practice so that we can better equip ourselves during our 6-year studies.Time flies in these few months but I remain confident that our group ‘8tract 2’ will be able to maintain the friendly relationship. I look forward to continuing ‘extract wisdom’ from our mentors.
(Cindy, Dentistry I)

Thank you for the people who organised the mentorship programme so that we had the opportunity to get to know our alumni and had an eye-opening experience towards what a dentist does in daily practices. I would also like to thank the mentors who have shared their precious experiences and insightful thoughts without holding back. Thank you for taking up their own free time to check on us regularly and organise catch-up sessions. The mentorship programme gave us the chance to connect with St. John’s alumni, enhancing the sense of belonging to the SJC’s community. We got to know more about how the old SJC was like and exchange views on the transition of this big family and what SJC has been through.
(Lucy, Dentistry III)

I am incredibly thankful for the SJC Mentorship Program for connecting me with alumni dentists. Not only was I able to gain knowledge about dentistry, they also generously shared with us some career-based tips and tricks. Hope we will have the chance to meet again!
(Yoyo, Dentistry II)

Dental Group 2

I felt like the mentorship impacted me positively as it was a great opportunity for me to see Dr. Chik’s and Dr. Tang’s clinics. As someone who had yet to visit clinics in Hong Kong (I had only ever done work experience in Vietnam), it was great to be able to speak to someone that had been active as a dentist in Hong Kong for such a long time and was friendly enough to answer any and all questions we had.
(Nicholas, Dentistry I)

I was very glad to join the alumni association’s mentorship project as I was able to meet dentists who not only lived in SJC but also cherished the bonds. It has encouraged me to become one of the dentists as such in my future, being able to lead some of the mentees from the College as well. Meeting Dr. Chik and visiting his dental office, we were able to see how the actual world dentistry works. It was interesting to see different products that we used from the PPDH (dental school hospital of HKU), and how a private dentist’s approaches are. All in all, the experience was something that I treasure and it would be of my strong recommendation for other fellow St. Johnians to join the mentorship programme if they have the chance to in the future.
(Helena, Dentistry IV)

I think the mentorship program is a very good experience for me. Firstly, I can get to visit dentist’s clinics. I have gained more exposure to my future working environment. Secondly, this was a very good opportunity for me to bond with other dental students in hall so I could find it easier to seek advice from them.
(Sabrina, Dentistry I)

This mentorship program was a great success, as I had the opportunity to interact with industry professionals who had a lot to offer. Unfortunately, due to Covid, we could not have many face to face meetings, but I still had plenty of exposure and personalised advice as to how to approach joining the working field of Dentistry. I hope we will be able to continue the bonds we’ve made throughout these fruitful months.
(Ian, Dentistry II)

Business Group

The Mentorship Programme is definitely a memorable one. Our group had the pleasure to meet with Jeff and Sharon in person last year and they had shared with us their experiences working in banks along with their time at SJC. Proud to say that we are still connected after a year and it was really sweet to receive season greetings from everyone in the group!
(Yammi, Business II)

It was a pleasure meeting our mentors as they can share experiences at different stages of their career. While Jeff is more senior and can share his reasons for choosing his career path, Sharon can share useful resources that we can look for to ace a good job offer at the time of university. More importantly, seeing how much they are still attached to St. John’s years after their graduation and how they treasured the friendship and memories created during their residence made me more grateful to be part of the community.
(Christy, Business II)