Golf Malayan Cup SJCAA vs Ricci Alumni

Golf Malayan Cup – our inter-hall Alumni friendly golf match between St. John’s and Ricci will be held on Wednesday , 16 Jan 2019 in the Palm Island Golf Club.
This match has been suspended for almost 10 years (last game was in 2009 when St. John’s lost to Ricci).
This year, with the leadership of our Golf Captain Edmond Wu, there are a total of 22 St. John’s alumni playing against 22 Ricci Alumni. (To keep our strategy confidential, we will not disclose their names at the moment!) May we all have a good game and good result this year.
The format of the Golf Malayan Cup is :
Four-Ball Better Ball Match Play – competing for three points for each match
The team with more total points wins the Golf Malayan Cup
Tee: Blue
*** 醒目球衣由聖莊六樓兄弟 Mr. Alan Cheung (87-90) 及其TML (To Make Locally) 團體支持製造!百份百香港印製!

FINAL RESULT: St. John’s Alumni lost to Ricci Alumni by 11.5 to 21.5 !