Celebrating a Milestone: 80 Episodes of “Flying with Eagles” Honor St. John’s College’s 111th Anniversary

Celebrating a Milestone: 80 Episodes of “Flying with Eagles” Honor St. John’s College’s 111th Anniversary
Dear All,
It is with great joy and pride that we announce the milestone achievement of our “Flying with Eagles” interview series – we have successfully completed 80 episodes featuring prestigious alumni and current members of the St. John’s College community!
Over the past two years, our dedicated team of interviewers, including Ms. Ling Ling, Ms. Jenny Li, Mr. Nixon Lee, Ms. Hilary Pang, Ms. Anna Hui, Mr. Yankov Wong, and Mr. Vincent Chiu, have worked tirelessly to capture the inspiring stories and invaluable insights of 80 remarkable individuals. Their unwavering commitment and diligence have made this program a resounding success.
We express our heartfelt gratitude to each and every one of our interviewees for graciously sharing their time and experiences with us. Your contributions have enriched our understanding and appreciation of the St. John’s College legacy.
As we celebrate this milestone, we look forward to the remaining 31 episodes, where we will continue to showcase the achievements and perspectives of our prestigious alumni and current St. Johnians. We encourage you all to visit our YouTube playlist and immerse yourselves in these captivating interviews.

Thank you for your continued support and enthusiasm for the “Flying with Eagles” series. Together, we are soaring to new heights and honouring the 111th Anniversary of our beloved St. John’s College.

Below please find the index of our first 80 Episodes of Flying with Eagles: –
Episode Title
80 Dr. Francis Tsui 1980-86 1/F, 4/F, 5A: Educator, Asset Management, Leadership Program HKU
79 Dr. Amanda Lim 10/F, ACH Founder | Normsun Corp Advisory | Lecturer | Digital Economist
78 Mr. Amos WHY 黃浩然, 2006-07 Wong Chik Ting Hall, 從 HOCKEY AQUILA 到電影導演
77 Mr. Fung Chi Wood 77-79 6F – 前香港立法局、區域市政局、沙田區議會議員
76 Dr. the Hon Moses Cheng 1969-73 Affiliated Member – Member of the Executive Council HKSAR
75 Hon. Jimmy Ng 1988-90 2/F LLB – Legislative Council Member
74 Dr. Shirley Wong 1982-84 10/F – the Librarian of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University
73 Prof. Leung Koon Shing 74-76, 5/F; Ex Master of the College 87-90
72 Mr. David Ting 03-09 5/F BBA Law – banker, solicitor and F&B entrepreneur
71 Dr. Alice Yuk Tak-fun 74-75 8/F Pioneer of Social Enterprises
70 Dr. Jacky Wong 93-96 1/F Current College Treasurer, PwC Partner
69 Ms. Lilian Law 77-80 7/F – 9/F, former CEO of Boys’ & Girls’ Clubs Association of HK
68 Ms. Piony Leung Ho-ting, 1989-91 10/F, Chief Executive Officer of Cafe De Coral Group
67 Mr. Lau Joe Lung 劉祖農 1969-1972 5/F, 從物理和數學教師、校長到詩人、作家的歷程
66 Mr. Lee Koon Lam 73-78 4/F, 3/F Former College Treasurer, Founder of Vinopolis
65 Mr. Derek Choi 1992-95 5/F Managing Director of Consumer Marketing & Pay TV at HKT
64 Mr. Adrian Lee 70-73 5/F, from a banker to former CEO Eagle Asset Management
63 Ms. Jeannette Chan 10/F Senior Director of Jones Lang LaSalle
62 Mr. Luk Wai Hung 82-85 1/F From Drama to Civil Engineering
61 Mr. To Chi-hak 82-85 2F From a Avid comic reader to Executive Director & CEO of iCABLE
60 Mr. Antony Leung 70-73, 4F Group Chairman of Nan Fung Group
59 Prof. Anna Wong, 79-81 7/F Form a seasoned banker to a professor in HKU Business School
58 Dr. Vivian Wong 65-68 7/F Former Hospital CE of Queen Mary’s Hospital, President of SJCAA
57 Dr. Lesley Chan 2000-03 4/F – Chief Curriculum Development Officer in Education Bureau
55 Ms. Andrea Hosking 202121 to now, 10/F – a Professional singer/song writer
54 Ms. Isabelle Tian Yi Zhang, 2022-2023 9/F, BBA Accounting & Finance, Fashion Model.
53 Mr. Cheung Siu Hang, 2022-2023 6/F B Soc Sc , Hong Kong 110m hurdles Junior record
52 Ms. Cheryl Yuen 2016-2018, 7/F, Anchor Journalist at HOY TV News
51 Mr. Yeung Tak Keung 81-84, 1/F, From SJC Sports Captain to Hong Kong Sports Commissioner
50 Dr. Terence Chan 90-93 6F, From a mechanical engineer to the chairman of Bay Area Capital Partners Ltd.
49 Dr. Wilson Li 3/F 84-87 From Orthopedic surgeon to Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) 無國界醫生
48 Dr. Thomas Chan Sze Tong 74-75 5/F, From a Neurosurgeon to the CEO of World Vision China
47 Dr. York Chow – 66-71 MBBS 6/F Former Sec for Health, Welfare and Food
46 Mr. Eric Law 6/F 2002-04 – 中興洋服:振興香港洋服業
45 Dr. Alfred Tam 73-77 6F The Author of 6F Floor Song – Let Sixth Floor brothers…
44 Prof. Angelina Yuen -73-75 7/F Ex-VP of Poly U, A Champion of Social Work Education
43 Ms. Diane Lo 2001-2003 9/F B Social Sciences – 戴公主, Registered Educational Psychologist
42 Mr. Garrick Lau 99-02, 6/F LLB – Head of Sustainability & Shared Value (Nan Fung Group)
41 Prof. Frederick Ma, 72-73 6/F, former Secretary for Commerce & Economic Development
40 Rev Ian Lam – 68-71, 5/F Ex-Master of St. John’s College
39 Prof. Tsui Chi Ying 79-82 1/F – Head of Integrative Systems & Design, HKUST
38 Mr. Dereck Chan 93-97 6/F – Deputy Director of Fire Services Department
37 Ms. Vivian Lee 97-99, 7/F, MD ActionHouse Int (Sports PR), Silver Medal Asian Games
36 Mr. Kim Wong 01-03 1F -Writer, Publisher 天航
35 Mr. Hugh Chow (87-90, 1/F) – Executive Director ESG Consortium (former CEO of ASTRI)
34 Mr. Osmond Chiu 2F 11-14 BBA – from Soccer Enthusiast to Wellness Guru
33 Ms. Rita Li , 84-87 Arts- Sales and Marketing Director of Octopus Cards
32 Rev. Paul Tong: An Inspiring Journey – Ex Master of St. John’s College
31 Mr. Ki Yu Tin (Ki Sir) 祁宇沺 1/F 03-04 – “Bus Classroom” for the SEN students
30 Dr. David Macri – Historian and Author of the Legacy from the Hill
29 Father & Son Part 2: Mr. Stephen Lee (68-70) & Mr. Gabriel Lee (98-01)
28 Father & Son Part 1: Mr. Stephen Lee (68-70) & Mr. Gabriel Lee (98-01)
27 Ms. Mabel Leung – from Publishing to Psychological Counselling
26 Dr. Tony Ip – Founder of Tony Ip Green Architects, 4F 1995-1998
25 Mr. Yankov Wong – a Contemporary Storyteller, director, photographer
24 Mr. Kim Joon Sung – First international chairperson of SJCSA
23 Ms. Yap En Yu – A Malaysian who picks up Cantonese after coming to SJC
22 Ms. Hanna Vanharanta – a 221K followers KOL (a current St. Johnian)
21 Ms. Elaine Chiu – Young artist, Forbes 30 Under 30 Arts Award
20 Ms. Fonnie Wong – the Story of Wong Chik Ting Hall
19 Mr. Jason Yip – from ICRC to CEO of MWYO
18 Mr. Oscar Lee – Head of Public Affairs at i-Cable Communications Ltd
17 Mr. Weber Lo – CEO of Hang Lung Properties
16 Mr. Fung Yee Wang – 57-60, 7F, Winning 1st Malayan Cup for SJC
15 Mr. Paul Lee – Assistant Master of St. John’s College
14 Mr. Peter Wing-Leung Lai – Financial Commentator
13 Mr. Johnny Lau – Chief Aviation Consultant PWC
12 Mr. Sammy Chan – Chairman of 65 – Residing in Toronto over 30 years
11 Ms. Christine Yeung – CEO of UOB, Board Member of M+ Museum
10 Mr. Albert Wong – CEO of HK Science and Technology Parks
9 Dr. Eric Chong – Ex-Master of St. John’s College
8 Dr. K C Wong – Master of St. John’s College
7 Mr. Antonion Cheung – CEO of SquareDog Robotics
6 Mr. Rimsky Yuen – Ex-Secretary for Justice of HKSAR
5 Mr. Felix Kwok Tung Kit – Auctioneer in Sotheby
4 Ms. Carmen Poon – the Queen of Miniatures
3 Mr. Alan Cheung – Young Industrialist of Hong Kong
2 Prof. Frederick Ho Wing Huen – Ex-Commissioner (Census & Statistics Dept)
1 Ms. Eliza Chang – from English Channel to Loch Ness