Aquila Kitchen 2nd Episode

Aquila Kitchen 2.0 – 22 May 2020

The 2nd GO LIVE of Aquila Kitchen was held successfully last night (22 May) at the K11 Cheese BB Cafe. Beside our 3 hosts of the event (Ms June Au, Mr Alex Ho and Mr Vincent Chiu), we were very pleased to have 3 lively alumni joining us not only as guests, but also as chefs! Thanks to Mr Oscar Lee (2/F), Ms Anna Hui (9/F) and Dr Keith Chan (2/F).

After the demonstration of how to cook savory roasted potatoes, sweet potatoes and carrots by Anna, Oscar and Keith showed us how to fry steak in two different ways. Although the whole process was a bit “smoky”, the steaks were nicely cooked and very delicious.

We ended the dinner by watching Alex’s demonstration to us as how to melt Raclette Cheese and eat it with the sweet potatoes.

For the ONLINE GAME session, the prize was also awarded to Ms Vicky Li who called in our hotline at no time to answer the question from Vincent Chiu as how many slices were being cut from Keith’s steak before serving. A 2011 College Wine was awarded to Vicky. Congratulations to Vicky!

We look forward to seeing you again in the Aquila Kitchen 3.0 and meanwhile, if you have any suggestions regarding our next program, please let us know.

Stay healthy! Eat healthy!
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