Aquila Kitchen 大仙厨房 GO LIVE

The first GO LIVE of the Aquila Kitchen 大仙厨房 was successfully held on 23 April 2020 on Facebook.

We were very glad to have Rev Paul Tong as our special guest of the evening.

In the one hour program (9 pm to 10 pm), our chef Alex Ho (6/F alumnus) showed us how to cook the delicious lobsters with healthy natural cheese.

Vincent Chiu has demonstrated to us how to open oysters with his special technique. June has giving away 2 bottles of St. John’s College Wine (2012 Chardonnay) to two alumni who dialed in instantly after June gave out the telephone no. in FB.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank those alumni who stayed with us the whole evening (online FB) watching our show.

Hope to see you in our next GO LIVE section in early May.

Please go to our FB Page to view the full live broadcast