Aquila in Motion Results

Results of the SJCAA Chinese New Year AIM Competition

Kung Hei Fat Choy. SJCAA again wish you and your family a healthy and prosperous Year of the Tiger!

Thank you all for your support and participation in the SJCAA Chinese New Year AIM competition. While nobody can stay away from the covid fight, SJCAA would like to encourage everyone to stay healthy by doing some exercise and bonding with our fellow St. Johnian brothers and sisters. St. John’s is a family, as usual and always!

With over 30 entries, we can feel the passion of hiking of our fellow alumni! We are pleased to announce the result.

The Winner is

Phillis Loh (10/F) – she managed to get 10 hikes with different St. Johnians and posted in one-go to bet the 1st runner up by a slight margin

The 1st runner up is

Raymond Sin (5/F) – he paired up with Dr Leung Man Kit of 4/F to complete another ten hikes!

The most St John award goes to

Raymond Sin (5/F) – 帶着 “SJCAA 相” 去旅行! Such a supporting alumnus!!

The most interesting award goes to

Lui Wan Yin (9/F) – 鳳凰山日出the only entry achieves full marks by challenging the Phoenix Hill with four alumni!

The most ‘liked’ photo goes to
Perry Fung – SFA 馬鞍山頂 704m

The Winner will get an ABC HK$1,000 Coupon*
The first runner up will get an ABC HK$500 Coupon*
All other special awards will each get an ABC HK$200 Coupon*
*Usage subject to usage TBI by SJCAA
SJCAA will contact the winners separately. Once again, thank you for participating in this competition and may we wish all good healthy and stay in good shape!