AGM 2023

AGM 2023

Following the Annual General Meeting held yesterday, we are pleased to announce the election of our new directors for the 2023-2024 session of the SJCAA.

Chairman Mr. Chiu Sung Tak, Vincent (1/F, 1983-1987)
Vice Chairman Mr. Lee Hon Sum, Nixon (6/F, 1980-1982)
Vice Chairman Mr. Wong Man Tai, James (5,4,2/F, 1975-1979)
Vice Chairman Ms. Au Ying Mei, June (9/F, 2000-2003)
Hon. Secretary Ms. Li Huen Yee, Vicky (9/F, 1995-1997)
Hon. Financial Secretary Mr. Rex Leung (4/F, 1998-2001)
Director Mr. Wong Hung Nam, Jacky (1/F, 1993-1996)
Director Mr. Terry Chik Fu Fai (6/F, 1980-1985)
Director Mr. Alex Ho Sik Leung (6/F, 1987-1989)
Director Ms. Hilary Pang (7/F, 1998-2001)
Director Ms. Ling Ling (9/F, 2000-2002)
Director Ms. Jenny Li (8/F, 2013-2016)
Director Mr. Ryan Pan (1/F, 2016-2022)
Student Representative – Nicholas Usui (1F, 2022-2026)

First and foremost, we would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to the outgoing director Elaine Wong for her contribution over the past year. We also want to extend our appreciation to all the Alumni Association members for their continuous support of the Association.

The newly elected Directors are committed to carrying on the good work of the Alumni Association, as we strive to strengthen the bonds among our alumni members, organize high-quality events with creativity, and ultimately, add value to our network while preserving the unique experience of St. John’s College.

We are also grateful to Mr. Eric Chung for his continued service as our Honorary Auditor and Ms. Eliza Chang for taking on the role of our Honorary Legal Advisor.

As we all know, the Association has faced challenges in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, which has hindered our ability to host social and sporting events. However, we are excitedly looking forward to the Grand Reunion on November 18th (the One & Only One), where we hope to reconnect with as many alumni as possible. This event will serve as a testament to the resilience of our community and our commitment to fostering a strong network among St. Johnians.

Together, let’s embark on another prosperous year filled with opportunities for growth, connection, and camaraderie. We look forward to seeing you all soon!

Warm regards,
Vincent Chiu
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