AGM 2021

AGM 2021

We are pleased to announce that the 2021 SJCAA AGM was held successfully on 28 June 2021.

The following directors were elected during the meeting: –

Chairman Mr. Chiu Sung Tak, Vincent (1/F, 1983-1987)
Vice Chairman Mr. Lee Hon Sum, Nixon (6/F, 1980-1982)
Vice Chairman Mr. Wong Man Tai, James (5,4,2/F, 1975-1979)
Vice Chairman Ms. Au Ying Mei, June (9/F, 2000-2003)

Hon. Secretary Ms. Li Huen Yee, Vicky (9/F, 1995-1997)
Hon. Financial Secretary Mr. Rex Leung (4/F, 1998-2001)

Director Mr. Wong Hung Nam, Jacky (1/F, 1993-1996)
Director Mr. Terry Chik Fu Fai (6/F, 1980-1985)
Director Mr. Alex Ho Sik Leung (6/F, 1987-1989)
Director Ms. Hilary Pang (7/F, 1998-2001)
Director Ms. Ling Ling (9/F, 2000-2002)
Director Mr. Ryan Pan (1/F, 2016-2021)
Director Ms. Elaine Wong (9/F, 2016-2022)

Student Representative – Mr. Keith Chan

We have also elected Mr. Eric Chung as our Hon Auditor for the coming year.