9 Hole OGC Golf Nite

There were altogether 32 Alumni and their friends joining us for the 9 Hole Executive Course at the OGC – the old Kai Tak Airport.

All the 8 flights started around 7:30 pm at the short gun. Each of the participant also got a leather wallet ID card holder as the souvenir for the event from the SJCAA.

Although most of the holes are PAR 3, the course is still quite challenging.

At the end, Vincent Cheung (Alumnus from the 1/F) won the lowest stokes award – Just 4 over (finish the game at 33 stokes out of the 29 PAR for the 9 holes).

The lowest PAR award also went to Vincent Cheung, a guest of Albert Chan and Kenneth Ng.

We finished the whole event in about 2 hours and we all had a very good time playing both the golf as well as enjoying the beautiful harbour view of HK.