MENTOR of the Month

The Mentorship Program has been organized for more than 3 months, we believe most of the Mentors and Mentees have shared a lot and gained a great experience by communicating with St. Johnians from different generations.
Here, let’s share the experience from one of the Mentees, Leonie Lee, who developed a good relationship with her Mentors…

***My Mentor, Dr. Wilson Li, and I shares very different interest. While I devoted most of my time on cultural activities, Dr. Li, being the former team captain of HKU athletics team (as well as the 3/F floor chairman in St. John’s), plays different sports in different seasons! In mid-January, I was privileged to have the chance go and watch the ‘sports of winter’ – Horse-riding! Dr. Li participated in two show-jumping competitions (that is, the rider and the horse have to jump over several obstacles and fences) on that day and I enjoyed a very lovely evening there.***
Words from Leonie Lee (10/F), Mentee of Dr Wilson Li

We look forward to hearing more story from other Mentors & Mentees. Remember, a SUCCESSFUL RELATIONSHIP between a Mentor and a Mentee requires RESPECT, SUPPORT and SHARING. It is a two-way participation, everyone (expecially the MENTEES) should have the initiative to upkeep a good relationship and be committed to your Mentor/Mentee.

The SJCAA is going to organize a gathering (BBQ) for the Mentors & Mentees in June, 2004. Before that, please keep in touch with your Mentor/Mentee.
Please feel free to send us your story and we hope to update more news about the Mentorship.