St. Johians Won HKUGA Golf Tournament

SJCAA has participated in the Golf Tournmant held on Monday, 2nd February by the HKU Graduates Association in Kau Sai Chau. We have sent out two flights of 7 Alumni participating in this tournament.

Our Alumnus Cheung Yuk Tong with a total score of 87 came first in the tournament. Actually the other alumnus Kevin Mok got a score 84, Albert Chan also got a score of 87 and another Riccian Kenneth Choi got a score of 83. However since the organiser was using the New Peoria Method for individual champion and runner-ups, Cheung Yuk Tong got the highest net score and became the winner.

The other Alumni, Anita Ng, Connie, Philip Lee and Vincent Chiu all had a good time golfing in Sai Kung.

There has already been discussion going on whether there should be a Inter-hall (St. John’s vs Ricci) competition to be held in the near future. So watch out.