Third Motor Orienteering Tournament

On Sunday, 16th November 2003, the St. John

All the teams started one by one from 2:15 p.m. in the Shatin Jockey Club. With a time limit, they needed to go to find 25 checkpoints, locations, landmarks, buildings etc. Check points were very exciting such as 屯門黃金海岸, 林村許願樹, 松仔園及音樂農莊等等。

In addition, at every checkpoint, the participant needed also to take a picture with a digital camera to prove their physical presence at that checkpoint.

7 out of these 8 teams returned to a Shatin Restaurant after the race with one team gave up towards the end.
After the event, about 12 participants stayed in the Shatin Fortune Palace Seafood Restaurant to enjoy a very fine Chinese dinner and Mahchong. People were very excited about the race during the dinner and still kept on talking about the event while looking at the results and the photographs of the all the checkpoints which were put up in the wall already by the organizers.

The results of 3rd Motor Orienteering Tournament 16th November, 2003:

Position/Name/Time/Check Points/Score Total Score
1/Alan Ho/5 hrs 14 min/25/4.77
2/Chung, Rwell/4 hrs 21 min/15/2.85
3/Lam Chi Wang, Yin/5 hrs 17 min/18/2.76
4/Jack Lo/ 5 hrs 12 min/16/2.28
5/Patrick Leung/4 hrs 34 min/13/2.07
6/Vincent Chiu/3 hrs 13 min/6/1.46
7/Jacky Wong/4 hrs 30 min/9/1.02
8/Samuel Retired

Special Thanks to our generous sponsors:
(Mr. Lee Koon Lam)-Esquel Enterprises Ltd,
Mr. Lai Nin, Mr. Ho Wing Huen,
(Mr. Oscar Chan)-茗香茶莊,
James-(First Motion Car Magazine)

MOT Organiser
Darryl Fung