Dinner Talk by Prof . Johannes Chan Man Mun

Government Accountability through the Court

It is our utmost pleasure to invite the Dean of Law Faculty of HKU, Prof. Johannes Chan Man Mun to spend an evening with us in the HKU Alumni Association on Thursday, 27th November 2003.

Prof. Chan was a Thrid-Floor brother and he is going to share with us his personal insights on a couple of very hot topics recently in the HK Society.

Dinner at 7:00 pm and dinner talk will start at 8:30 pm.

It will be a very warmly evening when old and new St. Johnians, past colleagues, classmates will be sitting around together to chat and share on different legal issues.

Dinner fee HKD150 per head for member, HKD200 for non-member.

Please email your reservation to vchiu@kanbay.com with the title: Dinner Talk SJCAA

Please include the following information during the reservation: Your name, contact mob. no. and no. of seats reserved. (payment will be collected during dinner)

No matter what is your view on the Article 23, no matter whether you have a law suit with the government, no matter how much knowledge you have on the law of HK; you are welcome to take part in this dinner.

Vincent Chiu
Chairman, SJCAA