Zhaoqing Resort & Golf Club Golfing

There were altogether Seven Alumni members participating in the golf outing to Zhaoqing: Philip Li, James Wong Yuk Loi, Karen Kam, Vincent Chiu, Eddy Chao, Lawrence Ng and Suey Tam. It was really the first time for someone like me to experience golfing in the field.

The Zhaoquing Golf Club is a 18 hole course and it is really one of the most beautiful golf courses in China.

We arrived on Saturday (11/10) at around noon and after a quick lunch, we started immediately our adventure into the green.

The weather had been excellent and we finished our first 18 holes and the day after a good dinner and a great massage on our legs!

Then we played on the 2nd day for another 18 hole game and got back to HK in the evening.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Philip Lee organising this wonderful event and I am sure for those who were not there, did miss a lot.

Reported by VC