Freshmen Welcoming Party

Nearly 100 new members of the Alumni Association from St. John’s College joined the Freshmen Welcoming Party organised by SJCAA on 8th October 2018 right after the High Table Dinner.

We were also very glad to have more than 10 alumni and Directors of SJCAA attending the events.

It started by an opening speech by our President Prof Vivian Wong, and then by our Chairman Mr. Vincent Chiu introduced SJCAA background and our activities.

Then came the exciting Q&A session regarding the information of SJCAA. The winners of the Q&A got a nice scarf from the Alumni Association.

Finally, we were split into 7 groups each was led by one or two alumni. The Alumni did not only share their hall experience but also had a good coverage of their career experience with the students.

The party ended successfully just after 10 pm, giving a very good opportunity for both the alumni and the students to get to know each other more.