Your SJCAA Membership is Activated!

Dear St. Johnian,

First of all, for and on behalf of St. John’s College Alumni Association, the University of Hong Kong (SJCAA), I would like to welcome you to the College as well as becoming an ordinary member of SJCAA for a term of 100 years!

Website login
May I invite you to:
1. visit using this email address of yours as your “login ID”, your password has been set temporarily for you and it will be email to you in a separately email (same subject matter of the email).
2. fill up your personal information in the “Update My Information” section.
3. change your password immediately. You can from time to time update your personal information (including email address – but please note that the new email address will be your new Login ID).

Welcoming Party
To officially welcome all of you to SJCAA, you are cordially invited to a Welcoming Party organized for all new members:
Date: October 8th 2018 (Monday)
Time: 8:30 pm to 10:00 pm (after the High Table Dinner)
Location: Students’ Common Room.
At the Welcoming Party, you will be meeting some of our SJCAA Directors and prominent alumni. You will learn more about SJCAA and HOW SJCAA CAN HELP YOU in your hall life and, more importantly, career development. We hope it will be a good opportunity for ideas exchanges to diversity our events and activities organized for you and the alumni, and especially in terms of student services.

SJCAA has more than 2,200 members and we are definitely the most established alumni body in the HKU hostel community. Once a St. Johnian, always a St. Johnian. That is why SJCAA plays a very important role both during your residence at the College and after your graduation.
We look forward to having a casual fruitful sharing evening with you on October 8!.

Yours Sincerely,
Vincent Chiu
Chairman, SJCAA