So far we have already received enrolments from 16 current / Alumni for the 1st SJCAA Inter-floor FIFA Gaming Competition.: four brothers from 1/F, three from 3/F and five from 5/F. Then we also have one representative from 4/F, 8/F, 9/F and 3rd Wing:-

1. Isaac McGirr Current 1/F
2. Chiu Kwan Kin Douglas Current 1/F
3. Leung Siu Kong Alumni 1/F
4. Priyansh Shandilya Current 1/F
5. Honour Olatunji Current 3/F
6. Leung Tsz Chun Alumni 3/F
7. Andrew Tong (肥唐) Alumni 3/F
8. Araf Khan Current 4/F
9. Prateek Kher Current 5/F
10. Max Vogt Current 5/F
11. Emad Akhras Current 5/F
12. RONALD SIN Alumni 5/F
13. Rohail Mohammad Current 5/F
14. Emile Stragyte Current 8/F
15. Vicky Li Alumni 9/F
16. Dinesh Reddy Alumni 3rd Wing

Deadline for enrolment will be midnight end of March 2021. Enrol yourself now and play with your alumni and hall mates to win a new version of FIFA 2021 and HKD1,000 ABC cash coupon!

Please click on link below to enrol:-…/1FAIpQLSd2zGAsacbToc…/viewform

For more details, please refer to our previous email or go to (our new web site) to find out more.

See you in the FIELD!