Aquila Lacrosse Team Update

Aquila Lacrosse Team was established in 2003 in the reason of joining the Hong Kong Lacrosse League 2003.

In recent years, Hong Kong Lacrosse Association promoting lacrosse sports through many different channels.

In 2000, Hong Kong Team was established and joined the Lacrosse World Championships 2002 Green division in July, 2002 at Perth Australia.

Some of the St. John’s Alumni were also a member of Hong Kong Lacrosse Team in the World Championship.

After the Game in Perth, Hong Kong Lacrosse Association started to develop a Hong Kong Lacrosse League in 2003. So St. John’s Alumni also enjoyed the league and formed Aquila Lacrosse Team at Dec, 2002.

After the exciting games with other 4 teams in the league, we got 1st Runner-up finally. Also, we are happy to announce that our team Attacker Francis Lo Kin Wah got the trophy of the top scorer award this year (21 goals in total 8 games). We are looking forward to have a more successful result in the coming season.

Team Objective
Our team objectives are:
1. To practice and compete for Hong Kong Lacrosse League Championship
2. Self improvement in Lacrosse Skills
3. Keep connection within St. John’s Alumni
4. Keep fit and have fun!!!!!

Members Corner
Currently we have 10 members in the Aqulia:
Lo Kin Wah, Francis
Leung Yiu Fai, Bernald
Sit Ming Yeung, Gordon
Mak Wing Kei, Andy

Leung Yiu Chi (Head Coach)
Lam Kwun Chung (Team Captain)
Li Chun Lung

Yu Chi Fu, Ray (Team Captain)
Lo Chi, Alvin

Ng Pak Hong

We are now recruiting new Aquila team members, for all those Old St.Johnians who would like to play lacrosse with us, please contact:
Lam Kwun Chung : 92339971 (

Enjoy and have fun.

Reference link
Hong Kong Lacrosse Association