Mass Orientation and Floor Orientation 2003

Mass Orientation of Orientation 2003, which more than 50 alumni attended, was held on 26th August 2003. The format of MO basically has not changed much. Each freshman was required to stand on the stage and to answer questions raised by the currents as well as the alumni. Comments/Advice were then given to the freshmen in relation to his/her way of thinking/presentation skills/perception towards University/SJC life. As in the past, “comment on comment” was not allowed.

On 27th and 28th August 2003, floor orientations were held on the 10 respective floors. Again, encouragingly, a lot of alumni attended. Apart from proferring advice, the alumni also showed their support by bringing along with them snacks/refreshments and writing encouraging words on the “Democracy Wall” !

Being seniors who have experienced both university life and working life, the experience shared by the alumni should be very useful to the students. The warm gestures made by them must also be felt and appreciated.

Whilst spending a lot of time and patience to pass invaluable advice to the students, the alumni themselves, on the other hand, have had very good opportunities to meet and to catch up with each other.

Orientation, … so far but yet so near …
Romance … Memories …