Pre Orientation 2003

A number of alumni went back to SJC to give support to the current students in the pre-orientation evening on 24th August 2003. After a short presentation delivered by tutors, Mr Ip Chung Man (4/F, 95-98) and Mr Too Wing Tak (6/F, 91-97), on the current situation of SJC, the alumni went back to the floors they respectively belonged to and met the current students. The alumni shared with the current students their past experience in organising/holding orientation programmes. They also discussed with the current students the difficulties to be encountered and gave advice on the same.

The whole programme lasted 2 hours. Whilst students benefitted a lot from their seniors, the alumni managed to grasp a better understanding of today’s St. John’s.

This year, there are 90 freshmen and 80 currents, to whom the support from the alumni is of paramount importance. So do spare some time for your home college ! Your ideas or even presence will definitely be appreciated by your younger brothers and sisters and most importantly, will represent something that can never be found in other halls in the university.