Boat Trip to Eco Park

Boat Trip to Eco Park

42 Alumni and friends joined the SJCAA Boat Trip to the Eco Park (and sea foods lunch) on 3 August 2019. T

he weather was a bit rough at the beginning, but it turned much better in the afternoon.

We visited the Tin Hau Temple on the Leung Shuen Wan and had a great sea foods lunch over there.

Children had a great time playing on the beach in the Leung Shuen Wan beach before we headed to the Geo Park after lunch. Then came the exciting speedboat water sports – wake boarding and water skiing.

Some children were taken to the beach nearby with their parents. The expedition ended at almost 6:30 pm when everyone had a very memorable sea trip in this summer.

(Thank you for drone videos and pictures by Vincent and beautiful photographs by Anna and June)