2016 Summer Internship Appeal for Jobs

SJCAA’s Summer Internship Program has been successfully organised since 2003 with all of your supports, and we would love to continue on working with you and aid the current students to develop their career path.

Due to the transition of directorship and the students’ examination, the preparation of the internship program has experienced some delay this year.

There are 50 applicants in total for this year, while 21 of them are 1st year students; 16 2nd year students, and 12 3rd year students.

Within the applicants, the majority (22 students) of whom wish to have a business-related internship, (including marketing, accounting, finance, banking, etc.), while 11 students would like to pursue on law-related internship, with many other types of preferred industries (e.g. 4 for engineering/ information system, 3 for biomedical/hospital related, 2 for architecture/design, 2 for education/research and development and others)

We hereby invite our alumni who would be willing to offer internship opportunities that would match the students’ needs to approach us.

Jeffrey Lau (our Alumni Secretary) and I may also contact you for assistance shortly.

We appreciate if each job offer can last for 4-8 weeks between June and late July of 2016. If you or your organisation can provide internship opportunity for our current St. Johnians, please fill in the form below and we will get back to you asap.


If you have any inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact our Jeffrey Lau at jeffrey9698@gmail.com or myself at vstchiu@gmail.com.

Again, your support to this meaningful program is very much appreciated!