Graduation of the First Golf Beginners’ Course

The last day of driving range training followed by a fabulous celebration “mid-night snack” at the Chong Fat Restaurant of Kowloon city marked the end of the 4 day intensive training program of the Golf Beginners’ Course.

Possibly you could tell from the video clips on the left, our students have made significant progress both in the form, the swing and even the attitude towards this game.

We need to take this opportunity to thank our two coaches Mr. Philip Li and Mr. Albert Chan for their good guidance and instructions over the past four weeks. After such orientation training, our students have already started to form a Golf Alumni Group to keep on practising the “New Ball Game”. As Philip said, when he sees more Alumni start to play this game, it will be his biggest reward.

The good news is that our GIG (Golf Interest Group) will be organising more events for both the more experienced and less experienced Alumni Golfers starting from September onwards – the golf season starts.

So watch out for more news.