Shann Memorial Conference 2015

Shann Memorial Conference 2015
St. John’s College
University of Hong Kong

China and Japan, 1895-2015:
History of Rivalry, War, Peace and Hostility

Date: 27 June 2015, Saturday
Venue: Theatre A (CBA), Chow Yi Ching Bldg., University of Hong Kong


In the past few years, much attention has been paid to Sino-Japanese relation particularly after nation-wide anti-Japan demonstrations broke out in China and the Japanese government declared sovereignty over Diaoyu islands by purchasing them from the unknown Kurihara family. At one point, the two countries were at the brink of war. In this context, this conference is a timely event to address the controversial issues of Sino-Japanese relations, which from a local Hong Kong perspective.
The speakers are cutting-edge researchers of Sino-Japanese relations or China/Japan comparative studies. This conference is aimed to add a new dimension to the history of the Sino-Japanese relation and to review the current situation of Chinese policy on Japan and the Japanese policy on China, and the impact to the overall region of East Asia.
The relationship between East Asia’s two giant powers, China and Japan, has always been and will always be crucial for understanding the development of Asia. The relationship has undergone considerable changes since the end of the Second World War but what we learn about it is often fragmented into different disciplines or knowledge of specific incidents with this background. The relationship between China and Japan is complex and emotional. It contains aspects of rivalry and complementarity. Scholars in both China and Japan, may still have difficulties in approaching the bilateral relationship in a non-prejudiced way. This is why St. John’s College to organize a cross-disciplinary international workshop about Sino-Japanese relationship.

Preliminary programme:
9:00-9:15 Registration
(Serving coffee & sandwiches)
9:15-9:25 Welcome address:
Master of St. John’s College, Dr. Eric Chong
9:25-9:30 Group photo
9:30-10:30 Keynote speech I
Prof. Hans van de Ven: ”D-Day in China: The Japanese Ichigo Offensive and its role in making modern East Asia Moderator:
10:30-11:30 Keynote speech II
Prof. Bu Ping: The confrontation and mutual understanding of historical perception: About the Sino-Japan mutual research of history (conducted in Putonghua with simultaneous translation in English)
11:30-11:45 Coffee break
11:45-12:55 Session 1:
China and Japan: From War to Peace
1) Dr. David Macri: Allied Failure in China – Chennault’s Air War with Japan, 1942-1945
2) Dr. Lee Pui Tak: Ch’ien Mu and Ōta Kōzō: The Asianist in the Postwar Hong Kong and Japan Moderators:
Dr. Kwong Chi Man
12:55-14:15 Lunch
Venue: Senior Common Room, 14/F., K.K. Leung Bldg.
14:15-15:35 Session 2:
New Interpretation of Sino-Japanese Relations
1) Prof. Kasuya Makoto: Japanese Banks in Chinese Settlements before the Second World War
2) Prof. Iijima Wataru: A Hidden Connection to Control Schistosomiasis in the Twentieth Century Sino-Japanese Relations Moderator:
15:35-15:50 Coffee break
15:50-17:50 Session 3:
China and Japan: From Peace to Hostility
1) Prof. Murata Yujiro: The Four Postwar Eras in Modern East Asia
2) Dr. Daqing Yang: Negotiating the Past: China-Japan Joint Historical Research in Historical and Comparative Perspective
3) Prof. Lin Man-houng & Dr. Ho Kwong Shing: The Sino-Japanese dispute on Diaoyu Island: Taiwan perspective Moderator:
17:50-18:30 Concluding session Moderator:
Dr. Lee Pui Tak

Time allocation for presentation:

1) 45 minutes for keynote speaker.
2) 15 minutes for Q/A of each keynote session.
3) 20 minutes for paper presenter.
4) 15 minutes for moderator and Q/A of each paper.
5) 5 minutes for response from paper presenter.

List of invited participants:

1) Professor BU Ping, Research Fellow & former Director, Institute of Modern history, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences.
2) Dr. HO Kwong Shing, Post-doctoral Fellow, Institute of Modern History, Academia Sinica, Taiwan.
3) Professor Wataru IIJIMA, Department of History, Aoyama Gakuin University.
4) Professor KASUYA Makoto, Professor of Japanese Economic History, Faculty of Economics, University of Tokyo.
5) Dr. KWONG Chi Man, Research Assistant Professor, Department of History, Hong Kong Baptist University.
6) Dr. LEE Pui Tak, Honorary Associate Professor, Department of Japanese Studies, University of Hong Kong.
7) Professor LIN Man-houng, Research Fellow, Institute of Modern History, Academia Sinica, Taiwan.
8) Dr. David MACRI, Senior Fellow of St. John?s College, University of Hong Kong.
9) Professor MURATA Yujiro, Head, Department of Area Studies, Graduate School of Arts & Sciences, University of Tokyo.
10) Professor Hans van de VEN, Professor in Modern Chinese Studies; Fellow of St. Catharine’s College, Cambridge University.
11) Dr. Daqing YANG, Associate Professor of History & International Affairs; Director, Asian Studies Program, George Washington University.