Biannual Report of St. John’s Foundation

As the result of the surplus from the Legend of Aquila (2012), St. John’s Foundation has raised its initial money of around HKD374 thousand.

A steering committee was set up to manage the projects sponsored by the Foundation. The committee includes Dr. Vivian Wong (President of SJCAA), Dr. Eric Chong (Master of SJC), Dr. KC Wong (Dean of SJC), and the directors of SJCAA which include Mr. Vincent Chiu, Mr. Wong Man Tai, Mr. Nixon Lee, Mr. Jacky Wong and Miss Stephanie Lam, and the student representatives from SJCSA namely Miss Jenny Hui (Year 2013-14)and Miss Jenny Li (2014-15). Mr. Vincent Chiu, the Chairman of SJCAA has also been elected as the Chairman of the Foundation. The committee has also got the support from the College staff like Mr. Johsua Yu, and Jvan.

Projects of the Foundation

a. Eco St. John’s Project

A total funding of around 94K was allocated to jump start the project. A collection spot for the recycling materials has been constructed near the carpark of the College to provide temporary storage of the recycle materials to be collected by the contractors. An Eco St. John’s logo (Image A) (thanks to Mr. Paul Lee’s contribution) was also designed in order to further promote the project. Recycle bins and cleansing facilities have been provided in the bathrooms in the old wing floors; and plastic recycle bins (Image B) have also been installed at each floor both in the new wing and the third wing.

Then all floor representatives and the College staff were consulted and debriefed and finally the project was launched in the College during the orientation 2015.

After this building of the infrastructure, the ownership of the recycle project was handed over to the Alumni Secretary of SJCSA and its eco St. John’s Committee for continued development and to monitor the on-going administration.

So far a few hundred dollars from the collection contractor have been contributed to SJCSA every quarter. In addition, HKU Sustainability Team also acknowledged highly our project and has decided to use this project as a learning model for the other university halls.

b. Foundation Subject Prizes Scholarship

In order to promote academic atmosphere in the College, 8 scholarships (HKD2000@) have been established under the Foundation i.e. the best students for each of the five years and three most improvement awards.

So far, two scholarship : for most improvement students(remarks #1) have been awarded (total 2 x $2000@ = $4000).

c. Sponsorship of the students: Cambodia Projects

Foundation also sponsor 11 current students (remarks #2)($1000@) to go to the Cambodia YMCA Projects from 4th to 10th January 2015. Their mission was to help painting a church over there. (Image C)


1. Scholarships
James Leung, Law Year 3; Chu Ho Ting Justin, Economics and Finance Year 3

2. Participants of Cambodia trip:
Chen Hung Ting, Wong Ho Lam, Wong Suet Kei, Chen Ting Chi,
Yip Chun Ting, Lam Ho, Wong Man Kin, Yeong Nga Ting,
Lam Yau Sheung, Tsui Hiu Ying and Cheung Tin Ho

Report by Vincent Chiu (2015)