Recruitment of Tutors

Recruitment of Floor Tutors at St John’s Critical Transition Period

I would like to invite you to take up a new challenge after graduating for College and at the beginning of your professional career – to APPLY for the post of FLOOR TUTOR to Undergraduates at St. John’s College. ‘

Term of office: 1 July 2015 to 30 June 2017.

1. You will become a member of the Staff of St John’s College, assisting the College to implement its Vision and Mission for the 21st Century, including:’

a. the transformation of College from a hall-of-residence to a teaching college in the model of Oxbridge Colleges;

b. implementation of College Character Formation Programmes in the nurturing of the Renaissance Man, not only a well-read, but a learned intellectual leader in constructing a just and democratic Society.

2. You will be responsible for students assigned to you on your floor, for their academic development, general morale, discipline and welfare.

3. You will be initiating more frequent contacts with the students, get to know them, assist them in adjusting to College life, familiarize them with College Culture and ”Golden Rules”, and counsel them should the need arise or when they encounter personal problems. You will also be responsible for helping them develop into potential student leaders for College and University.

4. During your tenure as Residential Floor Tutor / Tutor Counselor, you are required to attend Counseling Course conducted by HKU HEDO and CEDARS to help you develop skills needed to fulfill your role in College.

We are looking for Alumni who has graduated and with at least 1 year working experience, highly motivated and willing to give oneself to one’s brothers and sisters in College. You will quite likely be assigned to your own floor of resident while an undergraduate.

Please send your application with a recent passport photograph along with your CV / Resume and academic results along with your GPA, to the Master of the College at :ATTN MASTER. TUTOR APPLICATION – before 30.4.2015

Dr. Eric Chong
Master of the College