SJCAA Family Fun Day 2015

This first big function organised by SJCAA was held successfully on Sunday 1 Feb 2015 at the Stanley Ho Sports Centre (Sandy Bay).

Over 300 alumni and their family members took part in the event.

The program started at 2:00 pm when our alumni were bringing their children to Sandy Bay to enjoy both the sunshine and all the wonderful programs prepared by the OC’s.

From balloon twisting, softball throwing, big mat, running competitions with their fathers, magic show, car ride to our beautiful cup cakes… all children and our alumni had a great time together.

The event ended successful after 5:30 pm while all the kids also brought back a nice St John’s scarf prepared by the OC.

The fun day now will become an annual event, it also shows that our spirit of St. John’s passes from one generation to another generation.