SJCAA Notice

We have been made aware of a draft open letter to the Secretary for Justice Mr. Rimsky Yuen, S.C. prepared by some alumni which had been sent to a large number of other alumni or St. Johnians recently by various means of communication to appeal for support and sponsor towards the issuance and publication of the said letter.

As we have received quite a number of enquiries and many alumni have expressed their concern on this matter, we feel obliged to make the following clarifications:

(1) As stated in the said draft letter, the view expressed is not representative of that held by St. John’s College Alumni Association (SJCAA) as an organization; and
(2) SJCAA has never released or authorized the use of any of the personal information of our Alumni for purpose other than for communicating the news and activities of the SJCAA or St. John’s College.

Should you have any further queries, please send us an email at

Yours sincerely,

St. John’s College Alumni Association, University of Hong Kong Limited