Pre-sale of Souvenirs from Legend of Aquila

The Pre-Sale of Souvenirs on the night after High Table Talk on 3 Nov 2014 (Monday).

A variety of souvenirs at a huge discount to clear the stock from the Legend of Aquila 2012 would be available including the “Legacy from the Hill” which is a reminiscence of our College’s yesteryears written by the honourable Dr. Franco David Macri, who is a dedicated academic in the History Department in our University; Centennial collections like, red wine glasses & champagne flutes, tie, the Centennial scarf and the Aquila centennial publication.

Although Web Order will be available soon, stocks are limited, don?t miss the chance to get the most favoured Octopus Card and others before everyone else!

Again, please indicate your attendance by clicking the link below:-

before 29 October 2014. We look forward to seeing you at the Dinner & Pre-Sale.