New Board of Directors

The AGM of SJCAA was held on Wednesday 13 Aug 2014 at the College Senior Common Room.

13 new directors of SJCAA were elected: Chairman: Vincent Chiu, Vice Chairmen: James Wong, Nixon Lee, Cheung Hang Yiu, Hon Secreatry: Vicky Li, Hon Treasurer: Jacky Wong, Directors: Steve Cheung, Paul Lee, Stephanie Lam, Edward Li, Adrienne Lee, Zita Chan, Jenny Li

Congratulations to all the newly elected directors especially Jenny Li who is the first students’ representative becomes the director of AA and Zita Chan who is new to the board. In addition, we have also created one more Vice Chairman position (with Cheung Hang Yiu) to focus more on the Young Alumni development of the Association.

We also would like to thank the out-going director Alfred Tso who has served AA for many years in the past for his great contribution.

During a strategic planning session of this year cabinet, we came up with the Core Values of SJCAA being:
 Fraternity
 活得精采
 搏盡

And the Core Purposes are
 Sustain the relationship
 Enlightenment, leadership
 薪火相傳

The Year plan for the coming year is tentative as follows:

Oct 2014 Life Coach – Needs Analysis
Oct 2014 Exco-Floor Rep Workshop
Oct 2014 Freshmen Welcome Party
Nov 2014 Alumni Reunion High Table
Dec 2014 Student Registration for Summer Internship
Dec 2014 大仙會
Jan 2015 Official Launch of Mega Site
Jan 2015 President & VP Dinner
Jan 2015 Fun Day
Mar 2015 Career Networking
Jun 2015 Summer Internship