WWII Historical Walk

37 Alumni and friends joined the WWII Historical Walk organised by SJCAA and led by Dr. David Macri – historian and lecturer of HKU History Department on the Good Friday, 18 April 2014.

Starting 9 am from Wanchai, the participants were transported by a dedicated coach to Wong Lai Chung Gap Road where the walk was officially started.

In the two hours of walking, all the participants were so enthusiastic about the history of the battle taken place in this location of the city between the Japanese soldiers and the defending army from Hong Kong in 1943.

The explanation of these battles were so vivid by David and it brought the audience back to the battle field 70 years ago!

Then we board the bus again from the end of the two hours trail to the Stanley Military Cemetery. David again explained clearly the stories behind the different wordings we found on various tombs.

The whole walk finished by 1 pm and everyone had a great understanding of this battle of Hong Kong.