Hold your event at St. John’s College Dining Hall

As many of you might have visited the Danny Ho Bradbury Dining Hall at St. John’s College. You might then be very interested to host an event in our beautiful renovated Dining Hall for your floor or Alumni reunion events. The College has now provided more details and guidelines for the booking.

From now till the end of May 2014, most of the Fridays and Saturdays will be available EXCEPT the following days: 31 Jan, 1 Feb, 14-15, and 28 Feb, 21-22 March, 5 April, 18-19 April.

For details of the menu, please refer to the e-form below:-

For any further enquires, please do not hesitate to contact our College Manager Ms. Rebecca Lo at 28177102 or email rebecca.lo@stjohns.hk