Welcoming Party for New Members

A welcoming party for all SJCAA new members, i.e. freshmen who joined St. John’s College in 2013, was organised on 4 November 2013 at the College. Over 30 new members participated in the party and interacted with 20 SJCAA Directors, YAC Excos and alumni guests who come from various career fields. Through interacting with different alumni, our new members were able to know more about not only, SJCAA and YAC, but also their own academic subjects as well as the corresponding career paths.

Before the end of the party, the new members were divided into four teams to compete in a Q&A game. Each members of the winning team will be able to have a free lunch with an alumnus from a career field at the winner’s preference. In the end, a team of 12 new members won the game and will be matched with an alumnus for the free lunch shortly!