Young Alumni Club’s Kick-off Party

We are proud to announce that the Young Alumni Club’s kick-off party was successfully held on 1 February 2013, where 78 young alumni gathered together at Azure Bar of LKF hotel in Central to celebrate the founding of the Club.

It was a joyful event, where old brothers and sisters meet after a of hard work, talking about the good old days in St. John’s and challenging and exciting stories they encounter at the present. The party was also an occasion where St. Johnians from different years get
to know each other and share their experience in life.

During the party, we also played games like bingo, snooker and lucky draw.

We would like to express our gratitude towards SJCAA and the College for sponsoring prizes for our party games and Miss Serena Choi and Mr. Yu Man Fai, who sang and played music for us during the party.

Photos of the events have been uploaded to the Club’s Facebook page at

The kick-off party marks another page in St. John’s history and we hope that the Young Alumni Club can be a channel to foster integration and communication among St. Johnians of all ages and a channel for young alumni to commit to St. John’s and the community. We hope that St. Johnians will continue to support us in our upcoming events.

Young Alumni Club Founding Committee
St. John’s College Alumni Association