Formation of Young Alumni Club SJCAA

Stepping into 2013, signifies the start of St. John’s second centennial story. May we take this special moment to share with you the founding of ‘Young Alumni Club, SJCAA’.
This Young Alumni chapter serves specifically young St. Johnians who entered St. John’s in recent 10 years (i.e. year 2003 to 2012). The Club creates platforms with a focus to address the needs and interests of young alumni. More importantly, the Club serves a bridging function among St. Johnians across ALL ages to facilitate generational integration.
Young Alumni Club is founded by a group of recently graduated young alumni and will run as a chapter under St. John’s College Alumni Association (SJCAA). The founding committee is chaired by one of the SJCAA Directors, Mr CHEUNG Hang-yiu, and the committee members are:

– Mr CHEUNG Hang-yiu (6/F, 2006-2009)
– Miss CHEUNG Hoi-man, Mirana (7/F, 2006-2009)
– Mr LEUNG Siu-kong, Jason (1/F, 2006-2009)
– Mr LAW Yu-ting, Aitken (3/F, 2007-2010)
– Miss LEE Kwan-ying, Adrienne (9/F, 2007-2010)
– Mr TSO Chun-fai, Alfred (5/F, 2007-2010)
– Miss LI Yan-pui, Florence (8/F, 2008-2011)
– Miss CHAN Yin-wa, Eva (10/F, 2008-2011)
– Mr YIP Chun-yuen, Tony (4/F, 2008-2011)
– Mr WONG Ka-chun (2/F, 2008-2011)
– Miss LEE Siu-mei, Mimi (8/F, 2009-2012)
– Miss CHIK Ka-ying, Veniza (9/F, 2009-2012)
– Miss LI Shui-shan, Teresa (10/F, 2009-2012)

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The Club’s first function – Kick-off Party will be held on 1 Feb 2013 (Friday). An email regarding this Kick-off Party will be sent to you separately.

Our life-long brothers and sisters, having in mind our good old days at 82, let’s altogether proudly make this young alumni platform another successful milestone of our St. John’s home! Shall we?

Should you have any suggestion, please feel free to contact Mr CHEUNG Hang-yiu (Chairman of the Founding Committee) at or Miss Florence Li (Vice Chairlady of the Founding Committee) at


Young Alumni Club Founding Committee
St. John’s College Alumni Association