Sales of Souvenirs Online

St. John’s College 100th Anniversary Souvenir Sales & Free High Resolution Photo Download of Legend of Aquila

If you have missed your chance of buying our beautiful and memorable souvenirs from Legend of Aquila, please take this opportunity to bring home with these pretty souvenirs now through our online order service! Each item is priced from $100 to $250 – an ideal gift for your Alumni or St. Johnians in this Christmas!

In addition, we have also prepared a video beautifully edited, capturing most of the memorable moments of St. John’s 100th Anniversary Celebration Dinner – Legend of Aquila – at the Grand Hall of HKCEC held on 3 November 2012. For those who have missed Legend of Aquila, and also, especially for those who were there, how can you not own one set to keep this precious memory of our 100th Anniversary Dinner at the HKCEC? Two different DVD sets (DVD Deluxe- set of 4 Discs: video + high resolution photos, and DVD Elite – set of 2 Discs of video) are now available for purchase as below:-

Item Name/Descriptions/Price HK$

DVD Deluxe
(Photo +video) 4-Disc-set : 2 discs of fully edited video + 2 discs of high resolution photos* from Legend of Aquila ( 2/3 days lead time for production) 250@

DVD Elite
(Video) 2-Disc-set: 2 discs of fully edited video from Legend of Aquila – Grand Hall HKCEC 3 Nov 2012 (2/3 days lead time for production) 150@

Wellington Wine 2007 Syrah, Wellington | Sonoma Valley: 750mL, 14% Alcohol by vol. (limited no. left) 250 @

Champagne flute LUCARIS Champagne :250 mL – lead fine crystal with “Legend of Aquila – St. John?s College | HKU? design (limited no. left) 150 @

Red wine glass LUCARIS Beaujolais: 515 mL – lead fine crystal with “St. John’s College | HKU 100th Anniversary” design (limited no. left) 150 @

History Book: The Legacy from the Hill – the Early Years of St. John’s College by Dr. Franco David Macri 250 @

St. John’s CD:Centennial Choir CD「心的契約」+ St. John’s Emblem Tee Shirt (S/M/L/XL) (limited no. left) 100 / set

Silk Tie-New St. John’s Pattern – 100% Silk Tie (limited no. left) 300 @

Octopus Card St. John’s 100th Anniversary Octopus Card – with St. John’s College building as background (limited no. left) 200 @

*The same high resolution photos could also be downloaded now: FREELY from the link: ( . Simply go to the above site, click on the thumbnails of the pictures you want to download. Then click “SAVE PHOTO”. A high resolution picture will be downloaded to your computer. Of course, if you want to save the trouble and want a FULL collection of these beautiful pictures of Legend of Aquila, go for the Deluxe DVD package!

A limited number of St. John’s Centennial Scarves as special free gift for each SINGLE email purchase/order of HK$2000 or more. (E.g. Purchase of HK$4,000 will be entitled to 2 scarves, all subject to availability of stock!) Noted that these limited number of St. John’s Centennial Scarves are specially made for Legend of Aquila and they are NOT for sales.

Once again, all surpluses of the sales will go to St. John’s Foundation.

(Please note that the 杯 + 碗 : in memory of Malayan Cup and Omega Rose Bowl Championships, the 100th Anniversary St. John’s Hoodies are all sold out!)

Make your order by filling in the table above with your name and contact number. Then forward it to Mr. Joshua Yu, Administration Manager of St. John’s College at . You will then get a confirmation email from Joshua about the items within 1-2 days. Bring the confirmation email to the College Office, then pay and collect your souvenirs.

St. John’s College Office opening hours: Monday to Friday 9:00 am – 12:00 noon; 1:00 pm – 5:00 pm; Saturday 9:00 am to 1:00 pm, 82 Pokfulam Road, HK.

For enquiry, please call Joshua Yu at 2817 7102.

May we take this opportunity to wish you a Merry Christmas and enjoy your happy Christmas shopping!


** Please note that this first period of online sales of souvenirs will end on 24th December 2012. All sales terms and conditions are subject to the interpretation of St. John’s College and St. John’s College Alumni Association.