Centennial Choir 2nd Rehearsal

With over 60 members singing in Common Room, we had a very happy rehearsal in July. Our 2nd rehearsal will be on Sunday, 26 August 2012, 2-5pm Common Room of St John’s.

Please come and practice well before our recording in September and our performance in November! We need you and especially our brothers of all Men’s floor joining to produce the best recording.

Special thanks should be given to Rainbow (7/f), Lesley (4/f) and Henry (6/f), who made the preparation for us. And also Alex (5/f), who captured the happy moments for us. You can see the below links for the beautiful photos:



Look forward to singing with you all again on Sunday!

P.S. For those who missed the 1st practice, please find the attachment for the Songs we sing.

Best Regards,
June Au
On behalf of the Organising Committee, The Legend of Aquila