Legend of Aquila – 102 Floor Tables Sold Out

As of today 4 March 2012, one month after we started to accept booking, the 102 Floor Tables of the Legend of Aquila are all reserved!

Table names and their table owners are listed below.

For Alumni who are still forming tables, please let us know. We will put all the new bookings from now into a WAITING list. If we have more tables released, we will allocate tables according to the waiting list on a first-come, first served basis.

For Alumni who have booked tables already and got a booking numbers from us, please make sure you pay the table fees to SJCAA within 14 days in order to secure your table(s). We will send you a reminder at the end of the 14 days, and if payment is still not done within 5 days, we will release your table(s) to the alumni in the waiting list.

For Alumni who have your tables confirmed by us, you will be notified in due course for your table guest details as well as the ways to collect your Legend of Aquila tickets.

Once again, thank you very much for your support of the St. John’s College 100th Anniversary Celebration Events – the Legend of Aquila.

Yours truly,

Vincent Chiu
Chairman, Legend of Aquila

Table Owner Table name No. of table(s)
Dr. You Soon Hua, Daisy 8/F(1986-1994) 2
Ms. Stephanie T.Y. Lam To be advised 1
Ms. Livia Wong Liberata 1
Ms. Cheung Hoi Man Mirana Young Goddesses 1
Mr. Li Chun Lung, Joseph 千禧約 1
Mr. Wong Yuk Loi James 83-84 Exco 1
Mr. Kelvin Yuen LS 1
Mr. Clement Wong To be advised 1
Dr. Terry Chik To be advised 1
Ms. Jenny Pun Elysium 1
Mr. Jacky Wong SJCAA95/96 2
Mr. William Tsao Musketeers 83-86 1
Mr. Barry Sham 1/F 90’s 1
Ms. Constance Yuen CYUENians 1
Mr. Poon Hok Lai Fifth Floor Fraternity 2006-2011 1
Mr. Sum Chung 傲言2002-2003 SA
Musketeers 2001-2004 2
Ms. Yeung Hoi Kei, Ada To be advised 3
Mr. Lau On Chee Stephen Sixth Floor Association of 70′ 2
Ms. June Au Sunchong /
KG 2000 2
Ms. Wong Ho Yin 翡冷翠九星伴月的一夜 1
Mr. Lai W L Peter 1/F and contemporaries 1978-1983′ 3
Ms. Tang Heidi Kew Gardens 03-07 1
Dr. Anthony Ying To be advised 1
Mr. Philip Li To be advised 1
Ms. Michael Law Liang Shan 80s 2
Mr. Alvin Lo To be advised 2
Mr. Francis Tsui To be advised 1
Mr. Rainbow Wong 凝萃 (2003-2004 Exco) 1
Mr. Tam Wing Lok SJCSA 97-98 & 98-99 3
Dr. Tsang Pak Ho /
Ms. Jacqueline Kwong St. John’s Spirit 4
Mr. James Ho 五族山房 (一)
五族山房 (二) 2
Mr. Patric Leung To be advised 1
Ms. Beverly Lam 08-11 同年仙 3
Ms. Beverly Lam Current St. Johnians 1
Mr. Hung Koon Tung SFA Late 80′ 2
Dr. Taron LOH Florence Heights 80’s 2
Mr. Kelvin Fu House of Lords, 94-97 1
Ms. Phillis Loh Liberata 80s 3
Mr. Nixon Lee Nixon Lee 2
Ms. Christine Yeung To be advised 2
Ms. Divid Ting 思晴 1
Ms. Shirley Yung Elysium (1)
Elysium (2) 3
Ms. Rosita Lee EXCO 88-89 1
Ms. Mok Ka Yan Noelle To be advised 1
Mr. Ivan Fu Duck 2
Ms. Anna Hui Kew Gardens Post 70’s 1
Mr. Vincent Chiu Real Adventurers 1
Mr. Wong Man Cheung 94-95 感閣 1
Mr. Lee Tin Fan House of Lords 90-94 3
Ms. Stephanie Lam To be advised 1
Mr. Kevin Cheng Adventurers 1
Mr. Philip Lau To be advised 1
Mr. Lee Tak Fai To be advised 1
Mr. Lam Sai kit To be advised 1
Ms. Elizabeth Sinn To be advised 2
Rev. Eric Chong SJCAA 11-12, SJCAA 12-13 3
Dr. Ip Shing Kwan Dr. Ip Shing Kwan 1
Ms. Tang Wing Sze To be advised 1
Ms. Janice Pang Kew Gardens Post 70’s Table 2 and friends 1
Ms. Bonita Ho To be advised 1
Mr. Thomas Ma Kam Wah 梁山泊 1
Mr. James Wong To be advised 1
Mr. Daniel Tang Chi Ming To be advised 1
Mr. Jason Leung 1/F 1
Mr. Liu Tai Yum To be advised 3
Dr. Cho Kwai Chee Dr. Cho Kwai Chee 2
Total: 102