HKU x SJC Centenary RTI

Result / Report of HKU x SJC Centenary Round the Island

More than 160 HKU alumni, staff and students took part in the HKU x SJC Centenary Round the Island (RTI) raising more than fifty thousand dollars for the People’s Food Banks of St. James Settlement on 18th December 2011.

The event was organised by St. John’s College Alumni Association in collaboration with the Development and Alumni Affairs Office to celebrating the 100th Anniversary of HKU and St. John?s College.

The Secretary of Food and Health Dr. York Chow GBS, JP – another St. Johnian kicked of the Opening Ceremony as our Guest of Honour. Dr. Chow also presented the cheque of donation to the representatives from St. James Settlement. All the enrollment fees of the RTI went to the donation.

The race started at 1:45 am in the morning of 18 Dec from St. John’s College car park. The runners ran down the Pokfulam Road towards the Western District. Then along the tram road, they ran all the way from Western District to Sau Kei Wan by-passing the first check point – The Sogo Departmental Store, Causeway.

The first major challenge then happened from Sau Kei Wan up the Chai Wan Road to Tai Tam Road. It was the steepest climb of the RTI and quite a number of runners started to experience the true difficulty of the RTI. At this time, Mr. Martin Cheung and Ms. Pauline Tse were already the leading runners in the men’s and women?s categories respectively. The relay team was led by Mr. Eddy Chao’s team (Eddy was one of the pioneer of St. John’s RTI).

From Tai Tam Road via Repulse Bay to Aberdeen, as the runners became more widely separated, it was quite a lonely run most of the time. This was also a very important session testing the runner’s endurance and their determination to finish the run. Runners needed to keep themselves warm and to reserve enough energy to face the final challenge – from Aberdeen up the long and steep Pokfulam Road via Chi Fu Garden and back to St. John’s. Numerous runners had dropped off and retired in this section due to exhaustion.

After St. John’s College, the final check point, the running for victory was a bit more easy as it was mainly downhill till the final “few” steps from the University main gate to the Happy Park. All runners who could complete the race got a RTI Certificate with their time on it.

Mr. Martin Cheung finished the race at 2 hours 48 minutes as the men’s individual champion followed by Mr. Hui Siu Tung (2 hours 55 minutes) and Mr. Han Ji Chian (2 hours 59 minutes). On the ladies’ side, Ms. Pauline Tse completed the race at 3 hours 44 minutes as the women’s individual champion followed by Ms. Grace Wong Ling Ling (4 hours 19 minutes) and Ms. Cheung Yik Ham (5 hours 11 minutes). On the relay team Eddy’s Chao’s team (Mr. Eddy Chao, Mr. Michael Law, Mr. Li Siu Lok and Mr. Ng Kin Kwong) lost to the team by another St. Johnians (Mr. Lau Pok Man, Mr. Lam Ho Lun, Mr. Yuen King Han and Mr. Lau Yiu Ki) by just 4 minutes. They finished the race at 3 hours 55 minutes and 3 hours 51 minutes respectively. The 2nd runner-up went to the team by Mr. Victor Lee, Mr. Fu King Wa, Ms Carmen Chan and Mr. Cheung Yiu fai whose time was 4 hours 20 minutes.

The last runner being a female runner who came back to Happy Park after 7 hours 15 minutes. And the last five runners were each served with a BBQ Pork bun for breakfast by our Chairman of the race Mr. Vincent Chiu!

The Centenary Round the Island Run ended happily with the prize presentation at the HKCEC by the Master of St. John?s College – Rev. Eric Chong, before the start of the HKU Centenary Gala Dinner.

The organising committee were very glad that no major accidents (both personal and vehicle) happened during the whole race. Special thanks to the sponsoring organization and alumni of the event as below:

Nestle HK Ltd.
Watson Waters
Mr. Alan Cheung (Grandion Group)
RCW Financial Advisory Ltd.
HK Police
St. John’s College
St. John’s College Student Association
HKU Development & Alumni Affairs Office Mr. Nip Tak Kuen
Dr. Terry Chik
Mr. Lee Leung Ki
Ms. Clara Lau
Mr. Eddy Chao
Mr. Michael Law
Mr. Yeung Wai Song
Mr. Li Siu Lok
Mr. Ng Kin Kwong

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank again all the check points helpers, patrolling alumni and our organising committee to make this memorable and meaningful centenary celebration event a success.


Result of different categories are provided in three PDF on the left.

Pictures on the Left:
1. Dr. Terry Chik – the one of the founder of RTI passing thru Sau Kei Wan.
2. Dr. York Chow at the Opening Ceremony
3. The Opening Ceremony OC and guests (From Left to right) Mr. Cheung Han Yiu (OC – RTI), Ms. Hilda Lam (MC – Opening Ceremony), Ms. Mirana Cheung (OC – RTI), Ms. Connie Ng (St. James’ Settlement, Service Manager), Ms. Josephine Lee (St.James’ Settlement, Assistant CEO), Dr. York Chow (Guest of Honour), Mr. Vincent Chiu (Chairman – RTI), Mr. Eddy Chao (OC – RTI), Prof. SP Chow (Pro-Vice Chancellor), Dr. Eric Chong (Master, SJC), Mr. Kingsley Heung (OC – RTI), Ms. May Kwan (OC – RTI), Ms. Joyce Chan (OC – RTI)
4. The starting moment at the carpark
5. Mr. Francis Tsui took a break at the 1st Check Point – Sogo Department Store – Causeway Bay
6. Midnight at Tai Tam Reservoir dam
7. Prize presentation ceremony at the HKU Centenary Gala Dinner
8. Full final result of the mens’ individual
9. Full final result of the ladies’ individual
10. Full final result of the relay teams

For more pictures, please go to this link:!i=1636384261&k=Jvdw65n