F&S Camp & Orientation – Home of Adventurers

Dear ADventurers alumni,

First of all, let me introduce myself to you in case you may not know who I am. I am this year’s 1/F Kung Chu, Chu Wui Lam, William, Law Year 3 (nick: chu will), and the lau doi is Yuen Shiu Him, Jonathan, Medicine Year 2 (nick: sai sai lup).

We would like to inform you some forthcoming events,

1) There will be a “dem floor song” session in the coming F&S camps as usual (friendship and sports camp, first camp is on 10/8-11/8, and the second camp will be on 12/8-13/8),

For the first camp, 10/8 (Sunday), 2200, Dining Hall
for the second camp, 12/8 (Tuesday) 2200, Dining hall

2) Besides, this year’s orientation will be held from 25/8 to 6/9. The FLOOR ORIENTATION will be held on two days, 27/8 (Wednesday) and 28/8 (Thursday). Also, new brothers will have their “SING SIN” tasks on 5/9 (Friday). The start time for the two above-mentioned events are not being confirmed at this stage, but I will keep on updating you guys.

We sincerely hope that you can come and join us on both events, should you have any furthur inquiries, you are free to call our floor’s tele. at 29743736, ths for your kind attention!

Good health!
Kung Chu
Chu Will
31st July 2003