2nd SJCAA Photograph Competition – HOPE

Results of the 2nd SJCAA Photography Competition (HOPE)
Kung Hei Fat Choy. SJCAA wish you and your family a healthy and prosperous Year of the Ox!

Thank you once again for your support and participation in the second SJCAA photography competition. Following the topic of ‘RELAX’, the topic for this round ‘HOPE’ is to welcome the Year of the Ox in a hopeful way. While nobody can stay away from the covid19 fight, we’d like to cheer up everyone through this photo sharing, HOPE is always around us.

All the entries are of very high standard and deserve a round of applause to all of you. You can imagine our judges are having hard time to make the final decision. After round of discussion we are now pleased to announce the result.

The GOLD Winner is

Francis Tsui (1/F) – 璀璨煙花望豐年 (攝於: 年初二 The Peninsula, Hong Kong)
Comment from judges: Everybody would agree firework is a signature CNY celebration in Hong Kong. We all miss this festive scene and hope to see it come back again in the very near future.

The SILVER Winners are:

1. Anna Hui (9/F) – 大地的希望 (攝於: 2019年1月1日內蒙壩上,

2. Ng Kong Wan (3/F) – 鶴咀的日出

3. Kwok Nai Chiu (1/F) – Ray of Hope (攝於: Milan)

4. Kwok Nai Chiu (1/F) – 終於⋯約旦

5. Christy Lam (10/F) – 曙光初見 (This is our most ‘liked’ photo too)

Gold Winner will get an ABC HK$500 Coupon*
All Silver Winners will each get an ABC HK$100 Coupon*
*Usage subject to usage TBI by SJCAA

Attached please find winning photos of the competition; and you could also click on the following link to watch the winner’s interview of the 2nd competition.