100th Anniversary Celebration Programmes

St. John’s College will celebrate its 100th anniversary alongside with centenary celebrations of the University.

To commemorate this important event, the College has formed a working committee to work on a year-round celebration comprising a string of internal and external activities for St. Johnians and our friends.

Ex-chairpersons’ Nite
The first of a series of centennial events began with the Ex-chairpersons’ Nite held in the Dining Hall in July 2011. It was a delightful evening attended by over 50 past exco’s. Over dinner, everyone was briefed on the upcoming activities and shared their experiences of their time at St John’s.

Revamp of St. John’s Web-site
A new website which aims to facilitate closer connection between the College, and all St. Johnians will be launched in Q4 2011.

HKU x SJC Centenary Round-the-Island (RTI)
RTI, our most special annual event will for the first time be extended to include our friends at the University, to jointly celebrate our centenary. The HKU x SJC Centenary RTI will be held on Saturday, 17 December 2011. This will also be a charitable event to raise funds for the St. James’ Settlement People’s Food Bank. There are still openings, and if you haven’t signed up to join, please visit http://100.hku.hk/rti

Seminar Series for St. John’s Centenary (November 2011 -Easter 2012)
The College will also be holding a series of afternoon seminars and high table talks for students and interested parties. Keynotes speakers will include Professor Liang Wei Yao of Gonville and Caius College, University of Cambridge, and Dr. Gareth Jones, the designated Dean of Academic Studies for the college. Both will generously share their valuable knowledge on college education.

Legacy from the Hill – The First Century of St. John’s College 1912-2012.
As we step into a new era of history, the College is going to publish its first book presenting its story for the first 100 years. The book, titled above is co-written by two St. Johnians: Mr. Franco David Macri and Mr. Tai Chung Pui based on comprehensive researches. The book will be released in 2012.

St. John’s Alumni Foundation
Serving the community has always been the College’s mission. To keep to our tradition, the Alumni Association is setting up the St. John’s Alumni Foundation with the objectives to provide funds for our students to initiate and participate in charitable, educational activities; to encourage them to take an interest in the social and welfare needs of the community.

The Legend of Aquila – The Grand Reunion Dinner (3 November 2012)
The home coming reunion dinner with more than 120 tables of St. Johnians of different generations, will be the grand finale of our centenary celebration. It will be held in the Hong Kong Conference and Exhibition Centre at the evening of Saturday, 3 November 2012. Watch out for the reservation details.

Wine Cellar
Following the English university tradition of having its own wine cellar, the College is building its wine collection and setting up a cellar. The wine will be used in special occasions, such as reunions, they will also be kept as an investment. Donation of wine from alumni is welcome. Please contact our Master – Dr. Eric Chong.

Other Highlights
 Setting Up of new Victorian Lamp Posts (Summer 2012)
 Renovation of the Dining Hall (September 2012)
 St. John’s Centenary Open Day (Q3/4 2012)
 SJC Centenary Exclusive Souvenirs (2012)

Once a St. Johnian, Always a St. Johnian. We look forward to seeing the old and new faces in the centenary celebration! Stay tuned for more updates in the near future!

If you wish to know more about the Centenary Celebrations, please feel free to contact sjcaa@hku.hk!